Adult ADHD Assessments

I usually suggest going straight to a psychiatrist for an adult ADHD assessment as they are the only ones who can prescribe stimulant medication, which is the most effective treatment for ADHD symptoms for most people. It is usually more cost effective to see a psychiatrist first for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. Here is where you can find a list of ADHD specialist psychiatrists around Australia:

ADHD Psychiatrists in Australia

Some will prefer to see a psychologist for an assessment for various reasons. Diagnostic assessments for adult ADHD are performed with a combination of self-report measures, informant report measures, and interviews using the DIVA-5. School reports are also reviewed as well as speaking to a parent or caregiver to understand if the early developmental signs of ADHD were present in childhood and adolescence.

For any diagnostic assessment, careful exploration of differential diagnoses, including exploring the impact of any trauma, is performed using other measures and interviews to minimise misdiagnosis and ensure co-occurring conditions are identified.


Adult Autism Assessments

An adult autism assessment usually takes around 3 sessions and involves you, your parent/caregiver and a partner/close friend completing questions/questionnaires and providing any past school reports or reports from health professionals. A clinical history and clinical interview covering the DSM-5 autistic traits is completed. A feedback session follows which includes psychoeducation about autism and recommendations. A written diagnostic report is optional. More information including costs can be found here.